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17, pansexual, norwegian, taken

-really likes kaijus
-really likes monsters
-really likes reptiles
-really likes humans

life rules:
1) dont be a dick
2) dont be a douche
3) dont be disrespectful

be free, be friendly, be humble




Sorry for the inactivity

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 6:19 AM
Yesterday i attempted to cut myself. My mom stopped me, and i'm going back into therapy. 
I have been very stressed these last weeks, and your patience with me is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

This journal will be deleted later on. 

Well so my computer crashed

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 8:54 AM
dont ever get a mac kids, the repair fees are ridiculous and i aint seeing my other comp for like 1 1/2 weeks

so now im stuck on this other,,,,thing
i just hope they can save all my art and music, or im gonna revive steve jobs and kill him again

Larventia: Balder by Platypoid
Larventia: Balder

Name: Balder Vidvandre
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Fera
Hometown: Sylpha

Class: Mystic Knight
Element: Fire
:bulletred: Infernal Blade - Lights his sword on fire without causing actual damage to it. 
:bulletred: Fire Blast - While using Infernal Blade, he can launch powerful fireballs by swinging his sword. Short range, useful for defrosting.
:bulletred: Long Leap - Can leap over large distances, despite wearing heavy armor. 
:bulletred: Heightened Senses - Can hear, smell, see and sense better than normal. 
:bulletred: True Hunter - Able to blend in with snow and forest environments, able to stay completely silent for longer periods of time. 

Balder isn't the most talkative person, but unlike others it isn't just a matter of not being talkative. This Fera has little to care for, much less any stranger he happens to meet on his way and their pathetic stories. Most might describe him as a cold, brutal individual, but in reality it just takes a lot to impress him. He isn't exactly known for being optimistic and enthusiastic either, but perhaps once you get to know him- or if lucky, even go out on dangerous quests filled with great danger and lives at stake with him, you might come to know he is a loyal fighter to the very core. He will fight for what he believes in, and if your'e his friend you can be sure he will stand by your side till the very end. Much cant be said for his enemies though. He doesn't seem to be very good at showing emotions, or knowing how to handle them. 

Long ago, the Vidvandre bloodline moved from the warm climates Fera usually reside in to the cold continent of Titus. There their fur thickened and their senses sharpened to fit the ruthless cold. But though gaining these things did them well, they also lost something to the weather. When Balder was born, his family had already grown cold and emotionless. They were hunters and warriors, and wasted no time training the young Fera to become the same thing. This went on much the same it always had, until one day his mother was killed by a fierce beast known only as the Twihorned Daggertooth. It was a giant polar predator, strong enough to take down several men. While out hunting, his pack had met with one of the biggest one there were.

From that day forth, Balder was hellbent on avenging his mother. He trained harder, forgetting the few friends he had in his craze to kill the beast. His father was proud, despite their steadily shrinking contact with each other. Soon he felt himself ready. He set out to kill the beast early in the morning a cold winter day. He had little to no armor and was but armed with a dagger, but after a long battle against the beast and having taken a lot of damage they finally fell- and Balder had won. Little did he know that his fathers heart had stopped the very night he set out. He never even got to say goodbye. He came back to an empty house, only a friend of the family remaining to tell him what had happened. Since that day, he feared that if he ever cared about anyone again they might disappear when he cant help them. 

Years passed, and eventually Balder learned to cope with his loss. He did well on his own, living off hunting and selling furs. The carcass of the beast that had technically killed his parents, he dragged back to forge it into his armor. Its fur kept him warm, and the beasts skull on his shoulder to remind him of what had once happened. While living alone he took in a young Greybone wolf pup after accidentally killing its mother without noticing she was with children. His guilt got the best of him, and though raising the young wolf was hard work she proved to be a good companion while hunting as well as a good friend. Now they live under the same roof in his parents house, living off questing and hunting and trying to make the best of what they have. 

+sharpening his blade before and after battle
+the thrill of the hunt
-not getting paid enough
-money, though he needs it
-Garm when she decides to ruin his sleep by howling at the moon
-Garm when she doesnt follow orders, which is pretty much always
-Garm when she chews on furniture
-how cold he can be

Additional Info:
-His armor was once his fathers, as was his blade. 
-The scarf around his neck used to be his mothers, and actually has a very feminine pattern on it if you look closely.
-Garm can be used as a mount, but despises saddles. 

~Animal Info~
Name: Garm
Gender: Female
Species: Greybone Wolf
+Hunting companion
-Doesnt take orders
-Violent when playful
-Likes to bite on furniture
-Eats too much
-Howls at night
BAKENEKOGAKUEN: Bruton by Platypoid

Name: Bruton

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 10th of December
Breed: Smilodon (Sabretooth tiger)
Height: 2.11 m
Year: First
Part-time job: Test subject

Although Bruton looks like somebody who could probably crush your head between his thighs like an egg, he's a surprisingly friendly fellow. I mean he probably would if you pissed him off somehow, but if he doesn't have anything against you he's just plain loveable. He loves hugs and friends and learning and fun, just like any other stupid kid in high school. That is, unless he gets hungry or angry- in which when his prehistoric instincts tend to awaken and make him aim for other students for food. To be safe, always bring food when hanging out with him. Safety gear and tazer is heavily recommended, handle with care. 

Winter 17 years ago was a cold one. It was around the time genetic experiments finally made their way onto the science labs of the island, and many were eager to use it to bring back some of the close to extinct feline species. But one scientist in particular wanted to bring back one who had died out thousands of years prior to any civilization. Dr. Mark Schwartz, a highly respected scientist in most areas wanted to bring back the Smilodon. He had high wishes to bring back the great prehistoric predators, but as choices and money was limited at the time he had to achieve his goal by combining the dna of the beast and one of the residents of the island- as they were already halfway feline themselves. The result 9 months later, was that a volunteer gave birth to a healthy smilodon baby. The child was named Bruton, and brought up just like any other normal child. Now Dr. Schwartz was curious as to whether a smilodon would be able to hide among the other normal residents undetected. Of course this was quickly proved wrong, as from young age it was very evident Bruton was gonna grow much stronger and much more aggressive than any other child his age. Of course they also noticed what quickly became a problem; that Bruton turned into quite the animal when he was hungry. They tried to control it, but when it didnt work they assumed he would grow it off- that it perhaps only was an instinct that was evident in all young smilodons. But in return for the trouble he gave the scientists, he also gave a lot of new information about the extinct species. Every week he was to return to the lab to take some tests. To continue their research, they decided to send him to the all-boys school on the island to see how he would react to the environment. Now, theyre watching with great interest...

Additional Info:
-None of the preset uniform sizes on the school fit him. He is usually unhappy about how tight his clothes are. 
-If he falls over, his teeth usually get stuck in the floor. 
-His skull is unusually thick, and usually enough to bash through a door without much consequence. In return, he isn't the smartest. 


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