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Stupidity is dangerous.
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17, pansexual, norwegian, taken

-really likes kaijus
-really likes monsters
-really likes reptiles
-really likes humans

life rules:
1) dont be a dick
2) dont be a douche
3) dont be disrespectful

be free, be friendly, be humble




HT: Jordan Hale by Platypoid
HT: Jordan Hale
:iconhappy-tails: god save me, im joining one of those hugeass groups again 8( wish me luck

Name: Jordan "Killer Whale" Hale
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 1.81 m
Job: DJ
Partner: Nope
Sexual Orientation: Closeted and in denial

Jordan is your typical, snapback-wearing, shit-talking, douchebag. When he's not busy desperately trying to deny his sexuality, he enjoys various TV-shows such as Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and everything else that might give a 'childhood nostalgia' feeling. He is quite skilled for a DJ, and though his specialties are often within the heavier genres he usually just plays anything that makes the crowd move. Sometimes he produces his own tunes, but he hasn't given out an actual album for the last three years. He is kind of lazy, and would rather sit at home and do his own stuff than be out socializing. On the inside, Jordan is very unhappy. Unhappy about his body and weight, unhappy about how little he socializes, unhappy about how unproductive he is, and very unhappy about his sexuality. He is quite skilled at Call of Duty. 

Jordan was born in Boston, to an American-Jamaican father and a Dutch mother. He was a pretty normal kid, and had since day one enjoyed saturday morning cartoons and other simple pleasures. But with school puberty came all the problems. He had always been a bit chubby, but he hadn't really thought of it before the children at school started calling him "Hale the whale". At first, he didn't get it. But then he realized that to other people, fat meant stupid. Stupid, unattractive, lazy, and not normal. It didnt take long for the poor child to snap, sending everyone that had called him names home with bruises and tears in their eyes. He was quite strong, after all. But the bullying didn't stop. In fact, they changed his unfavorable nickname to "killer whale Hale". Because of how violent he had turned in teachers eyes, he got in trouble with both the school and his parents. Of course, none of them ever took to punishing those who had called him names in the first place. 

He turned less violent with a simple change of schools, and though the bullying of his weight still stuck deep inside him, he became much happier. He got friends, and a best friend named Martin. For the next years, Martin and him would do everything together. They were into the same TV-shows, the same videogames, and with time also the same music taste. When he wanted to take up DJ-ing, Martin stood by his side and supported him. In the end, he actually started finding him.. beautiful. He didn't pay much attention to his obvious attraction at first, assuming it was more of a bromance thing. But it would show to get stronger and stronger, until an unfortunate roughhousing incident made Martin aware that something was up. Jordan knew nothing about the way he was feeling, of course having been raised to believe there only was male-female attraction. He talked to his dad about it.. and got everything but the help he needed to figure things out. He had never heard his dad say so many harsh words at once, and all pointed towards him. He could hear his mom crying in the background, and after brushing everything he had revealed to his family off as a 'joke' he never brought it up again.

Being attracted to men had to be the worst, possible thing. Unethical, and sinful apparently. All he knew was that his parents hated it, and if they hated it.. it had to be true, right? He was wrong to be like this, he was the one at fault. He never even brought it up to Martin, even when he demanded an answer. Martin had never been homophobic, but he knew his other friends would make jokes about it all the time. As if it hadn't been enough with hating his own body, he now started hating what he was too. His career as a DJ went unbelievable, however. Around this time, he got his first set on a huge arena. When he was behind a mixing table and playing those sweet melodies he loved, he could forget everything. It was just him, and the music. Even like this, Martin remained his friend. Then only a year after his last album release, Martin was caught in a bus accident. He died on his way to the hospital, and when Jordan got to know he was heartbroken. He stopped leaving his house, and he could barely even bring himself to go to his funeral. After this he moved to Pawsville, in hopes that leaving everything behind would make things easier. 

Additional Info:
-He later came to take up Killer Whale as his DJ alias, in an effort to not let the cruel nickname give him negative feelings
-Has a LOT of followers on Twitter
-His fans are rabid for a new album, but Jordan cant bring himself to making more songs yet
-Due to his apparent homophobia, he has a tendency to punch gay things on instinct. He doesn't mean it, and its often more of an embarrassment than anything else. 
yo guys look what i did by Platypoid
yo guys look what i did
used my sunday to decorate this bag since i kinda wanted a godzilla bag lately
the writing got kinda squished together, so i hope it doesnt mean anything weird like 'bukkake' or 'penis squirt blue tuesday' now ahah
non-latin letters scare me /D so easy to fuck up for my western self 
Larventia: Po by Platypoid
Larventia: Po

Name: Po
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Fera 
Hometown: Karica

Class: Monk (Kung Fu, monkey style)
Element: Air
:bulletblue: Quick Reflexes - Reacts to everything much quicker than a normal person would. 
:bulletblue: Airborne - Can make long leaps, and jump higher.
:bulletblue: Sixth sense - Can sense impending danger, but only seconds before it happens. Sort of like a 'spidey sense'. 

Like his element, Po is lighthearted and playful- sometimes even mischievous. But even so, he keeps the traits that were taught to him as a monk close to his heart. He was taught humility (of course, he likes to let that go in less serious situations), gratitude, and that being kind and doing good deeds were often a gift in themselves. He is not one to lose focus, though a good vegetarian meal might make him lose his guard for however long it takes him to eat it. He isn't very fond of crimes against nature, nor big cities- though he loves to skip from rooftop to rooftop to pass time. Although he doesn't like to admit it, he's also quite the slob. 

Once upon a time, a baby was left at the footsteps of a temple just outside the small island city of Karica. The monks of the temple, despite knowing nothing of the child's family, decided to take him in and raise him. They taught him their ways, doing their best to teach him everything they knew. They named him Po - broken. The monks now became his family, and he came to love and respect them all dearly. Once old enough, they decided that it would be good for him to learn martial arts. It was soon evident that Po was more than skilled at it. It was like the martial arts were in his veins, and had only waited for his body to be taught how to do it. By the time he came of age, he had already defeated his master. Only then, they decided he was ready to take the next step. To become a traveler, so that he could spread the way of the monk to the people. But for himself, he decided a much more personal goal. To find out where he came from, and why he was left at the temple. 

+Nice people that are easy to talk to
+Sweet foods
+Places that are high up
+Cute animals
+When people take his words to heart
-Rude people
-Dumb people
-Humorless people
-When people attempt to get him to eat meat

Additional Info:
-He shaves his ears, a monk tradition of his temple. Thus they don't have the furry qualities Fera ears usually possess. 
-Is a vegetarian.
-His staff isn't a weapon, its a tool that can be used as one. 

Well so my computer crashed

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 8:54 AM
dont ever get a mac kids, the repair fees are ridiculous and i aint seeing my other comp for like 1 1/2 weeks

so now im stuck on this other,,,,thing
i just hope they can save all my art and music, or im gonna revive steve jobs and kill him again


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